December 30: Stand-Out Event #ThinkKit

December 30, 2013 at 9:00 AM | Posted in What's up? | 2 Comments
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This prompt was for December 27 but I never posted that day. To be honest, I wonder if this post isn’t a better fit for answering a previous prompt. Whatever.

What place (event, celebration, etc.) stood out for you this year? Where was it? Who was there? What did it look like? How did it inspire you?

I initially thought of our trip to Jamaica but didn’t want to talk about that AGAIN. I mean, didn’t we do anything else? COME ON. We have lots of fun together!

My mind wandered to our spring break road trip. Yes, we went ziplining and had fun in Louisville and ate plenty of good meals. But what stands out for me is our hiking at Mammoth Cave National Park. More specifically, that I could physically hike ALL THE PLACES.

We signed up for the longest tour offered in the caves. We trekked the trails. And at the end of the day I felt great. Hell, during the day I felt great. I remember leading the others to the top of a hill and feeling so damn proud of myself. Three cardio classes a week had paid off! (75% mass, 100% sass didn’t hurt either.)

When people ask me about starting strength training I think of that day, that moment. I tell them that I knew then that I had aerobic activity covered. I wasn’t a marathon runner but that had never been my goal; I just wanted to have the endurance to make it through challenging daily activities without sucking air. But I still couldn’t easily lift a box that weighed what I had lost so I needed to add strength exercises to my training routine. (That lasted only a few months.)


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