December 31: Looking Forward #ThinkKit

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I thought today’s prompt would be for a list of resolutions. I guess it could be, huh?

What are you looking forward to the most about the next 365 days?

I suppose I could list all of the things that have been spinning around in my head that I’d like to get done, make habits, etc. Those seem like straight-up resolutions, though, and I’d like to go a different way for this. I’d like this to be more dreamy and less practical. More nebulous and less concrete. More fluid and less specific.

I am most looking forward to new experiences. When I think about events that I enjoy and people with whom I’ve had stimulating conversations, so many times it’s something or someone new. There is comfort in knowing the things that bring me joy, yes, but I just adore the excitement of taking in a fresh experience, learning new things, and meeting new people. It gives me a buzz.

I’ll give you three new challenges for next year that I can think of now:

I have been itching to get away from buying gifts (for other adults) for Christmas for a few years now with little to no luck. My father won’t hear of it; he finally stopped sending stuff but he still sends money. A highlight of the holidays for my mother-in-law is the ceremony of opening gifts; not only must gifts be exchanged but preferably a minimum quantity of items to be unwrapped in the presence of others. When I proposed not exchanging gifts with my sister-in-law, she said we didn’t have to buy her anything but she’d still give gifts to us. COME ON, PEOPLE. I made exceptions for Anna and my niece (i.e., of course we’d still get gifts for them) but the adults still won’t agree. Gah. This year I floated the idea of taking a family vacation next year instead of buying gifts between the three of us and Anna was totally into it. Success! So now I am super excited about planning a trip for Bill, Anna, Taylor*, and myself to wrap up 2014.

*Assuming her mother is on board. It’s a safe assumption.

This summer will mark the twentieth anniversary of my graduating high school. I have been asking the head of the alumni committee to see if anyone is planning a reunion and, um, it looks like it might be me. I hadn’t expected that to be the case but no one else seems to be doing it and, struck by an unexpected bout of some serious nostalgia, I think it’s a task I should embrace. There are some wrinkles: I am not on Facebook (which is how so many people seem to keep in touch); I do not live in or near the city in which I graduated (Philly); and I only keep in touch with a tiny percentage of my classmates (3 of 69). I can’t decide if I am excited or terrified by the prospect of leading the charge of a high school reunion but I am definitely happy about potentially seeing so many faces from the past (and their families) in my hometown.

I am declaring 2014 Year of the Purge. I know it might not sound lofty to discuss discarding things but to me it’s a long-held dream. I come from a background of packrats and it has been a hard habit to shake. I mean, I might need these things. These things are practical to save. Right? NOPE. I’ll just stack this stuff and keep it here for a short time, until I find a better place for it. Right? NOPE. I can’t describe the relief I feel when I imagine surroundings that have empty horizontal surfaces. Wide open spaces. (We won’t get into calming colors and free of dog fur. Baby steps.) Coming home from a trip abroad or an anticipated reunion to a tidy, clutter-free home? That’s a new experience I anticipate with glee.

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