December 31: Stand-Out Event #ThinkKit

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I already addressed this prompt yesterday but then I thought of something else, something a little less ME-focused.

What place (event, celebration, etc.) stood out for you this year? Where was it? Who was there? What did it look like? How did it inspire you?

I have participated in the Spirited Chase for the past three years. My friend KT and her nephew Trevor have done it with me each time. This year our friend Scott joined us too. While I have really enjoyed the Chase every year, this year was my hands-down favorite.

My top three highlights are as follows:

#3 — Performing stand-up comedy karaoke at Big Car Service Center. We were each given a comedian’s name on a slip of paper as we walked in. We were called to the stage by that name, at which point we were to tell the joke on the prompter. Since the theme was RISK I told Scott that I was thinking of performing an off-script joke…and then the joke on the prompter was the EXACT SAME JOKE I would’ve chosen. I was disproportionately excited about that.

#2 — Getting to ride a bike around the racing track at Major Taylor Velodrome. I had never ridden a racing bike (or any kind of fixie), and certainly never on a racing track. We weren’t allowed up on the banked section but that didn’t make the experience any less exciting. I went around twice!

Scott doing one of the cooperation exercises.

#1 — Completing the adventure course at Jameson Camp with a great team.  A few of them I had met at other Spirit & Place events + activities about town. It was a serendipitously perfect mix of men and women (plus one boy) who were just the right amount of competitive and flexible, skilled and game to try. We shot arrows, walked on ropes, spotted “birds” with binoculars, rode bikes, and got up in each other’s personal space. We laughed while cheering on the other team members. It was SO MUCH FUN. We came in first, too!

Team 7!

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